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You are arrogant. Failure is inevitable, your goals are unattainable. Pursue the Buddha Dharma to attain true liberation.

Siddhis are real?

No human being can achieve "mastery of all the siddhis", because they are constantly evolving spiritual centers. As soon as you think you have mastered it, someone else (whether it be other dimensions, alien worlds, folds in spacetime) becomes stronger, due to your thought patterns alone. Unless you think you can individualize the infinite thoughts of sentient beings, (not to mention control the animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria) and billions of thought patterns, not to mention visualize the finite universe in perfect accuracy (sorry celestial bodies still have a metaphysical effect beyond our comprehension not to mention having an effect on everything ie. gamma rays, neutrinos, strong and weak nuclear forces, I think your quest is endless, although interesting to fathom. The fact that you think its even possible is known as a condition called megalomania. It's ok. You are god inside. But there is no such thing as god outside. The simple fact that you believe in some manifestation called Kali, is a simple paradox of your mind. Kali was a thought manifestation like any other deity, designed to inspire people to spiritual enlightenment and to suck out massive electromagnetic energy to the religious elite, or Brahmans i think you call them? Anyway, good luck in your quest. Ohm is great, Ong is better, but learning to master love of self and others is the simple and preternatural key to "spiritual" power.

Om namah shivay Mr. Sanjay,
First of all I want to thank you for doing what you're doing considering you're doing it for the ultimate good for this kalyug. I do believe in that we are what we think/believe. Siddhis are very rare gifts given to human beings in kalyug, as though they were very common in satyug because of the simple fact tht people in satyug had clear concious. I am very curious and eager to know about how you're pursuing your goal? I wanna know how to do you actually accomplish a siddhi? I know meditation and the unconditonal love to the infinite concious is a part of it but I would like your help on it. Thank you for your time, and hoping for your reply soon.
Om Namah Shivay


My Answer

Dear Amit, with whatever limited experience I have, I can tell you that Siddhis cannot be achieved for personal self-focussed interests. Pursuit of Siddhis for its own sake can lead to self-destruction. On the other hand, movement towards a larger cause beyond the “ignorant self” leads to blessings in the form of Siddhis for crossing over a particular hurdle or hurdles. Siddhis gained should not be exercised by the individual but they should be allowed to unravel as per the requirement of the universe as and when needed.

Sanjay at Nirvana

My Answer

My Dear Buddhist you had passed your judgement on me based on ignorance and emotions. I am above failure and success. I am also above life and death. What you call arrogance is experience and knowledge accumulated over many life times.

If I am stopped from attaining what I have been called for then I would come back in a more virulent form. I would not take the help of a womb again (taking birth) to do that as I have already broken the Karmic cycle. But that should not happen as it would be catastrophic for the universe. So the best thing is that I finish my unfinished agenda and depart from this world in the most harmonic way possible because it is for the good of the universe.

Finally I don’t want to get into the controversy of religions. If you have chosen Buddhism as your life path then adhere to it and achieve what you want. But before achieving anything don’t go around suggesting others what they should do.

Best wishes to you my Dear Buddhist.

Sanjay at Nirvana

Mr. Sanjay, its wonderful to read your main post, as well as the two answers you have given. But you haven't answer to the one posted by Annonymous. May I take the privilege to answer that for you. The person doesn't understand what Maa Kali is. It is not a thought manifestation, neither it is any ordinary deity, bound by rituals. I think, you have better knowledge of "Energy Consciousness". In future post something on it. Without the proper understanding of Energy Consciousness, nobody can get even the furthest hint about what Maa Kali is.

And I would also like you to write how you are pursuing your goal. A Siddhi is nothing but achieving one's goals in life. And when the goal is set to realize the Ultimate, then nothing could surpass it. The skeptics and the biased ones would go on putting in water in milk. But I would say "Bravo! Get going."

One last thing Mr. Sanjay. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa had once said that Sadhana should be performed in seclusion in the mind, in the corner and in the forest. The knowledge can be shared but not the Sadhana itself as a whole.

My Answer

Dear Dibban, Your small note has been quite interesting as you have put your thoughts in a very structured way.

I liked your idea on “Energy Consciousnesses” as this is the area where even I am experiencing a lot of receptive signals within my inner self. But I am just a learner and researcher at this stage and it would require years of Sadana for me to reach a stage where I can share something with the Universe for its constructive good.

To your other question, as to how I go about things, the answer is simple. I go about living a normal human life but I always “form” a detached perspective as a learner and researcher. This applies to my own “Psyche” as well as its interactions with the finite and infinite world.

Yes “Yoga” and an unwavering focus on the “Supreme Mother” help me do that. She “shows me things” and takes me beyond them too. This helps me to get “detached” and still carry out the things I need to do for the benefit of “everybody” and “everything” around me.

Sanjay at Nirvana

My Answer to Anonymous

My Dear Anonymous, The Concept of “Mastery of Siddhis” is what you have got wrong. “Siddhis” are not “tangibles” that you would “get hold of” and use as and when required for your own selfish needs. They are “thought processes” and “awareness of different levels” which lead to constructive and creative action when properly channelized.

Coming to the other part of your note, Goddess Kali cannot be debated or discussed. Her presence can be only felt by your “inner self” if you are truly receptive to her “purpose” and “larger scheme of things” for the universe.

Sanjay at Nirvana

Hello Mr. Sanjay, thanks for your compliments. Like you, I'm too receptive of that supreme bliss as I'm experiencing for almost a year now. I live in Kolkata, India and am very ordinary person, living an ordinary life burdened with a family. My wife is a crosser than an enhancer of my path. And I'm poor, doing private tuition to sustain my life. But despite all these, from Oct., 2009 to Feb., 2011, these 17 months of life was spent in writing. I have written out a book (in Bengali, my mother tongue) analysing energy consciousness. The Shakti-tattva has been explained with modern scientific analogy. I hope to get the book published this year. This is during this job that I have had experienced the true tattva which is beyond my capabilities to explain.

But my life is so much turmoiled that I may not succeed eventually. So I wish you wholeheartedly. May Maa bless you & guide you to true Nirvana.

Dear Mr Sanjay,
I wish you all the best and may cosmic energy helps you in activating all your chakras(energy level),peace be with you always.

Dear Mr Dibban,
please accept my humble offer, please give me chance to get your book published(i am not a publisher). it will be an honour to get associated with you.
Kabir Ahluwalia

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